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            PSYCHOLOGY AND RELIGION  ‘Psychology       and   Religion    is  an  authoritative    survey    of  what    we   know     about   the  psychology   of   religion.   It   is   very   clear   and   readable,   and   reflects   Michael   Argyle’s  considerable reputation and experience.’                                                              Fraser Watts, University of Cambridge      Should     psychology      try  to  explain   religion   or   try  to  understand     it?  Pioneers    in  psychology like Sigmund Freud and William James took opposing views on the matter,  and it has been a hot debate ever since. Interestingly, though in the past psychology was  used    to  attack   religion,  recent   findings    in  the  area  have    been   more   sympathetic     to  religion. How should we understand their relationship today?      Michael Argyle’s new book introduces the psychology of religion. One of the world’s  most famous social psychologists, Argyle ranges over the whole of psychology to look at  the   results   of  psychology’s     study   of  religion,   including    those  of   his  own   important  studies.   It   is   full   of   fascinating   and   surprising   insights   into   people   and   their   religious  worlds, and his belief in both the empirical value of psychology and the spiritual value of  religion   is   evident   in   this  comprehensive   and   accessible   survey   of   what   psychologists  know about religion—and what they don’t.      Michael Argyle is Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Oxford Brookes University. He  is the best-selling author of over twenty books, including The Psychology of Money (with  Adrian Furnham),  The Psychology of Religious Behaviour, Belief and Experience (with  Benjamin,   Beit-Hallahmi),  The   Psychology   of   Happiness,   Bodily   Communication,   The  Psychology of Social Class, and  The Social Psychology of Everyday Life (all available  from Routledge).                           Michael Argyle  Psychology and Religion                            An Introduction                    London and New York             First published 2000  by Routledge   11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE   Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada  by Routledge      29 West 35th Street, New York,                                               NY 10001                        Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group                    This edition published in the Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2005.      “To purchase your own copy of this or any of Taylor & Francis or Routledge’s collection of                 thousands of eBooks please go to http://www.uckhk.com.cnwww.uckhk.com.cn/.                                        ? 2000 Michael Argyle  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reprinted or reproduced or utilized in any form or     by any electronic,  mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter    invented, including  photocopying and recording, or in any   information storage or retrieval system, without permission                                    in  writing from the publishers.                           British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data                 A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library   Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data    Argyle, Michael.   Psychology and religion:  an introduction/Michael Argyle.   p. cm.  Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN 0-        415-18906-3 (hardcover).—ISBN 0-415-18907-1 (pbk.)  1. Psychology and religion. 2.            Psychology. Religious. I. Title. BF51.A73 1999    200′.1′9–dc21 99–16956    CIP                              ISBN 0-203-98045-X Master e-book ISBN                                      ISBN 0-415-18906-3 (hbk)                                      ISBN 0-415-18907-1 (pbk)                               CONTENTS      LlST OF TABLES                                                                vii      LlST OF FIGURES                                         




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